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My name is Soufyan Hamid

In my 17 years of career in audit (PwC), consulting (Deloitte) and FP&A (Saint-Gobain, Starwood, Proximus), I followed all the usual steps to become an efficient finance professional

  • mastering reporting, dashboarding and automation

  • striking with business drivers integration

  • killing it with financial modelling

But after some years keeping in the back scene, I discovered that all of this was not enough to make an impact: if you want to have an influence on the decision making process, YOU MUST CONVINCE.


I unlocked these skills by following an intense training on how experts must communicate their findings to non-experts and continued climbing the ladder until working in direct relation with C-Suite members.


This is why I adapted all this experience to our field of expertise and decided to help Finance Professionals to convince their business partners thanks to a double skilled approach: Technical skills and soft skills


With my different courses "the Finance Step" and "the Finance Stage", he helped companies (TVH, Touring, TTI, Vena, Hyatt,…) and individuals

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