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The Finance Stage

Make your FP&A team part of the decision-making process thanks to Financial Storytelling

Despite the strategic importance of the insights developed by FP&A, our presentations lack engagement and interest and the main feedback received is

Misunderstanding of communciation in storytelling
No clear message
Financial Storytelling Program (1350 x 1080 px) (2).png
Not adapted to the audience
No narrative used
Financial Storytelling Program (1350 x 1080 px) (4).png
Complex and filled visuals
Financial Storytelling Program (1350 x 1080 px) (7).png
No engaging delivery

This is why we developed the Finance Stage, course that trains FP&A professionals to improve their financial storytelling and presentation skills.

The Finance Stage brings all the tools to your FP&A team to face these challenges with a four-step methodolgy

Step 1
Prepare your message

We work on the concepts:

Getting the signal from the noise
the findings
Crafting the

Practice is done via:

Realistic use case aligned with your industry
Role Plays to challenge the conclusion
Message building framework

Step 2
Prepare your story

We work on the concepts:

Know Your Audience
Structure your story
Prepare alternatives

Practice is done via:

Group exercise to analyse the audience targeted

Storytelling framework
for Executives and others

Preparation of alternatives to face unexpected events

Step 3
Prepare your visuals

We work on the concepts:

Slides design principles
Data visualizations
Advanced PowerPoint

Practice is done via:

Creation of slides from Step 1 and 2
Use of the
Waterfall Charts template
Brainstorming on
headlines best practices

Step 4
Prepare yourself

We work on the concepts:

Body Language
Public Speaking

Practice is done via:

Final presentation and feedback
Live diagnosis on public speaking
Use of
modern tools to practice 

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