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Welcome to the Finance Circle

Today, to succeed in corporate finance, you have to be a master technically

- Financial modelling

- FP&A tools

- Statistical and advanced forecasting techniques

- Automation and even Artificial intelligence

But these solid ground won't be enough to make you or your team the copilot the business needs

To build a solid and working relationship with non-finance departments and make sure that Finance has an influence beyond the purely technical stuff, you will need to work on your soft skills

- Business Acumen

- Communication and Storytelling

- Change Management

- Leadership

This is why I developed the Finance Circle, a full method to help you develop the parts of your skills without which all what you've worked on will remain in your laptop and won't have the impact on the company it deserves

Soufyan Hamid

Trainings for all

The trainings developed are aimed at 

Storytelling course delivered at Deloitte Belgium

You think of developing your teams' skills to become an effective finance copilot for the business.

Our tailored in-person and remote trainings will cover topics such as communication, negotiation, business acumen and influence.

Mockup of the Financial Storytelling Program

The Finance Circle also has ready-to-go programs to help you learn the new skills that a Finance Business Partner needs.

Discover the Financial Storytelling Program in live cohort sessions and in a self-paced version

Soufyan Hamid giving a speech at the Annual Accounting and Finance Conference organised by IMA

Speeches and workshops

Whether this is for a motivational talk to your team, for an event dedicated to leaders or to organise a workshop for your finance days, The Finance Circle will help you structure an approach that will impact the participants' minds 

They trusted us

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The Financial Storytelling Program

Learn the unique storytelling methodology that will Prove the value of your work to the executives and increase your visibility. This is the method I created and that made me and other students go from a misunderstood analyst to a respected finance leader.

Mockup of the Financial Storytelling Program

What do they say about our programs?

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