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Master Financial Storytelling: Elevate Your Career & Influence


Learn the unique storytelling methodology that will prove the value of your work to the executives and increase your visibility.

This is the method I created and that made me and other students go from a misunderstood analyst to a respected finance leader.

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5-Hour Course
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14-Day Money Back Guarantee
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For you, presentations mean

Vector Icon of a nervous person

Stress and nerves before and during the presentations

You start to feel nervous before your presentations and when delivering them, you stutter and don't feel comfortable 

Vector Icon of a communication with a quetsion

Misunderstanding between you and the audience

You get lots of questions despite your explanations and you feel the audience doesn't understand you 

Vector Icon of a presentatio

Building slides and losing time to finally show a small part

Every month, you spend hours building 60 slides to finally use 5 of them 

But CFOs can do it without problems!
So why couldn't you learn how they...

Misunderstanding of communciation in storytelling
Extract and communicate a message
Lack of audience targeting in storytelling
Target and adapt to an audience
Storytelling structure in Finance
Build a narrative different from a report
Slides in Finance for storytelliong
Build slides that are easily digestible
Someone presenting financials storytelling
Deliver a presentation confidently

That's how the Financial Storytelling Program
will help you with its 4-Step Approach

The Financial Storytelling Program
Content of the financial storytelling program

Carlos Rodriguez, CFO at Fracttal

"From this course, I learned excellent techniques to enhance my financial presentations, starting from the basics in graphics to tips on how to be prepared to answer difficult questions. Soufyan is a teacher who listens and works with the resources from your everyday life, with the goal of enabling you to implement them easily."
Soufyan Hamid Storytelling

A training made by a Finance Professional for Finance Professionals

I am Soufyan Hamid and with my 17 years of experience in Finance, FP&A, Audit and Consulting, I've seen the same things as you

  • Prepared the same reporting

  • Delivered the same presentations

  • Worked on the same budgets and forecast

But one thing changed my career: Financial Storytelling

I looked for ways to improve my presentations and followed training about (data) storytelling, delivered a TEDx talk and joined the Toastmasters.

But something wasn't right about these: they never considered the specific aspects of finance presentations as they were all provided by people who didn't know our reality.

So I decided to take the best of these, mixed them with my experience, tested it in my presentations (yes, I took the strikes so you don't have to) and created my methodology for Financial Storytelling.


And after getting promotions internally, I decided to share it with all my fellow finance professionals, after having validated it with 30+ CFOs in the world

They trusted us

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What's in it for you?

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Show confidence and become the go-to resource

You'll be the partner the business wants/needs and you'll get to work on interesting projects

Vector Icon of career recognition

Become visible

Even if your work is great, if nobody sees and understands it, it's considered worthless.

Vector Icon of a career path

Career opportunities

The world rewards people who are best at communicating ideas, not the ones with the best ideas

What do you get with the Financial Storytelling Program?

The Financial Storytelling Program

3 hours of video course sessions


54 Lessons Divided into 6 Sections


2 hours of Gamified Experience


Personalised Feedback on Final Exam



PowerPoint Lab and Data Visualizations courses


6 Data Vizualisations Templates


5 Management Reports Templates


Finance Message Selection Framework


"Know your audience" Framework


Storytelling Running Master

54 Videos in 6 Sections

01 - Introduction

1. What is the Financial Storytelling Program?

2. 5 Main Issues of Finance Presentations

3. What's in it for you?

4. 5 Types of Finance Presentations

5. The 4 Steps of the FSP

6. The Use Case - Presentation

04 - STEP 3 - Prepare your Visuals

1. STEP 3 - Introduction

2. Slides Design Best Practices

3. PowerPoint Lab - CTRL & SHIFT keys

4. PowerPoint Lab - Alignment & Distribution

5. PowerPoint Lab - Icons & Visuals

6. PowerPoint Lab - Arranging

7. PowerPoint Lab - Grouping

8. PowerPoint Lab - Animations

9. PowerPoint Lab - Transitions

10. Charts Design Best Practices 

11. Chart Lab - Bar Chart

12. Chart Lab - Line Chart

13. Chart Lab - Pie Chart

14. Chart Lab - Speedometer Chart

15. Chart Lab - Bullet/Combo Chart

16. Chart Lab - Waterfall Chart

17. STEP 3 - Summary

02 - STEP 1 - Prepare your Message

1. STEP 1 - Introduction

2. Get the Signal from the Noise

3. Price Volume Mix Method

4. Get the Signal From the Noise - Exercise

5. Exercise - Correction Walkthrough

6. Challenge Your Conclusions

7. Build your Message - The 3 What Method

8. STEP 1 - Summary

05 - STEP 4 - Prepare Yourself

1. STEP 4 - Introduction

2. Body Language

3. Public Speaking

4. Engaging the Audience

5. Practicing and Rehearsing

6. Managing Stress (Before and During)

7. Handling Difficult Questions

8. Boomerang Technique

9. Remote Presentations

10. STEP 4 - Summary

03 - STEP 2 - Prepare your Story

1. STEP 2 - Introduction

2. Why Adapting to Your Audience?

3. How to "Know Your Audience"

4. Know Hideyuki, CEO of Phonilado

5. Segment your Audience in 2 Groups

6. Deductive Storytelling Approach

7. Inductive Storytelling Approach

8. Start your Presentation

9. End your Presentation

10. Build your Story - Exercise

11. Prepare Alternative Stories

12. STEP 2 - Summary

06 - Final Exam - Your Presentation

1. Final Exam - Your Instructions

And you won't sleep with this course

Active Learning is important to me! You'll work with

Image of the use case for financial storytelling

Use Case throughout the whole course

From the first analytical step until the final presentation, you’ll use a virtual company with realistic drivers.

Quizzes to Test Your Competences

At the end of each section, you’ll face the challenge to show you acquired the necessary skills to go further.

Image of a quizz for financial storytelling
Image of a puzzle game for financial storytelling

Games and Puzzles

Because we’re not at school anymore, we have the right to learn and have fun at the same time

Final Presentation Exam

Get the chance to present your final work and get personalized feedback on your performance


All that for


Money Back Guarantee Financial Storytelling

Money Back Guarantee, No Questions Asked

If until 14 days after the course completion, you don’t find the
course valuable, I'll happily refund your full paym

Financial Storytelling isn't just another buzzword:
It's real and concrete

I won't just give you tips you can basically find on Google or chatGPT.
I will share with you my own tested and approved methodology.

Join today and develop the skills that AI won't be able to do better than you!

Want it for your whole team? Contact me at

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I receive access to the course?
As soon as you proceed to payment, you’ll get instant access to the course. You should receive a series of emails from “The Finance Circle” with your activation and enrollment. Just follow the instructions and you’ll be in.
I work full-time, what is the expected time commitment?

That’s the beauty of a self-paced course: you can take the time you want or need.
I calculated 2 hours of video and around 2 hours of exercises.
But it doesn’t matter if you do it in one day (not recommended) or in 2 years (not recommended either).
My recommendation, if you accept it, is to attack the 1 section per week

Can I get reimbursed by my company?

Most companies appreciate it if employees want to improve their skills and are happy to pay for courses such as this one. To help you with requesting reimbursement, we drafted an email request you can send to your manager 

What’s the refund policy?

If until 14 days after the course completion, you don’t find the course valuable, I’ll happily refund your full payment

Do I get lifetime access?

YES, for sure. Buy once and you can access the course for life + any update I make to the course for free

Are there technical requirements?

Some exercises will be done with Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint and I can guarantee working features from version 2016.

So you should have those tools installed on your computer or access to the online version at least.

If not, Google tools could do the trick but I can’t ensure 100% of the features are present

Also, make sure to have a camera and a microphone for the final exam

How will I test my progress?

I always make sure my courses are active: quizzes, exercises, interactions and games will be there to ensure you don’t fall asleep.

But the biggest attraction will be the final exam: a presentation, face camera, of the use case you worked on during the whole training.

You’ll get access to that exclusive exercise with my personalized feedback after you have completed a major portion of the course and satisfactorily show your knowledge through the quizzes

I have more questions, who do I contact?

Simply send a mail to if you have questions about the Financial Storytelling Program and I’ll answer within 48 hour

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