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The Finance Copilot

Transform your Finance Function into a value-generating unit, participating in the decision-making process

Despite the strategic importance of the insights developed by Finance Teams, its influence is limited. But Finance Business Partnering can help the company generate more value through


This is why we developed the Finance Copilot, course that trains Finance professionals to improve their business skills and become a go-to resource so Finance becomes a profit center

The course is based on the growing expectations to get from us the following skills: Collaboration, Problem-solving, and Communication.

Day 1 - Finance Business Partnering

The FBP Framework


The first step is to solidify the basis and save time on recurring tasks thanks to best practices and automation

  • Rationalize and Automate Reporting

  • Forecast like a Pro


A FBP must understand the industry and business in which he/she evolves and the stakeholders he/she will work with

  • Understand Business Needs

  • Translate Needs into Financials


The ultimate step is the human touch of the program since the FBP will work with other people and can't handle them without care

  • Build Relationship and manage them

  • Use Influence and manage demands

Day 2 - Financial Storytelling

The Finance Stage (more details)

Step 1 - Prepare your message

From the analysis of a tailored use case, we'll build the message to deliver

Step 2 - Prepare your story

After having segmented our audience, we'll structure our narrative using our framework

Step 3 - Prepare your visuals

With simple slides and visuals design tips, build your deck for the final presentation

Step 4 - Prepare yourself

With small exercises, we'll show the best practices in public speaking, body language, and facilitation

Final Presentation

In groups or individually, the teams will present the result of their work and receive feedback

Targeted Audience

FP&A/Controlling teams of more than 5 persons who want to

  • influence business decisions

  • craft a memorable message that generates engagement and follow-up actions

1 flavour

Given its special interactivity and the inspirational part of the group activities, the Finance Copilot only exists as an in-person program



  • 2 days

  • Full Program

  • Activities/Exercises

    • Group works​

    • Use Case

    • Final Presentation

    • Brainstorming and ideation

  • Q&A


A training made by a Finance Professional for Finance Professionals

I am Soufyan Hamid and with my 17 years of experience in Finance, FP&A, Audit and Consulting, I've seen the same things as you

  • Prepared the same reporting

  • Delivered the same presentations

  • Worked on the same budgets and forecast

But one thing changed my career: Financial Storytelling

I looked for ways to improve my presentations and followed training about (data) storytelling, delivered a TEDx talk and joined the Toastmasters.

That made me realize how the gap was important between Finance and the other departments in mutual understanding.

So I decided to work on the most important aspects of this mutual understanding to create a program allowing a better collaboration, communication and problem-solving mindset.

This "bridging-the-gap" strategy allows a strong collaboration between Finance and Non-Finance


They trusted us


Download the prospectus

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